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Through the Eyes of a Female Dominant by Andie Lea Blog Tour

Warning!  Prepare yourself for this emotional roller coaster! You will laugh, cry, and want to slap the shit out of Ryan Rayner…and his wife just might let you!


Via is a strong woman who doesn't take crap from anyone, not even her own husband!
The newly married couple, Ryan and Olivia Rayner, settle into their lives together and are thrown into an emotional whirlwind that pushes Ryan into seeking outside help from an old friend. As Via and Ryan embark on their new adventure, retired actors Ryan and Melanie Carlisle (Secrets Revealed) enter their lives in the most unexpected way. The Carlisle's have been forced out of retirement and the Rayner's are just the ticket they need to teach them how to be Dom/Sub. Ryan & Via must prove that their marriage is more than just pleasure for the sadistic. As the Carlisle's begin to accept them as normal, someone from both of the couple's past has made an unpleasant return. Via and Melanie are then forced to work together in order to save their husband's lives.

After this major scare of almost losing her husband, there couldn't possibly be more drama in their lives. Could there?

Shortly after saving her husband's ass, Via soon unravels a secret she never suspected Ryan would carry. A secret so wet and juicy that it will leave you so...well...wet and juicy! Will Ryan's exposed secret be the beginning to the end of his marriage?
Set through the eyes of Via, readers will enjoy every moment. They will laugh, cry, and fall in love with the dynamic duo. Via & Ryan's story is guaranteed to be full of surprises that will fill the hearts of readers.

Did I mention the sex scenes are so hot, they could melt the ink off of the pages of Fifty Shades?!

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His wrists and ankles were bound by the metal shackles connected to my cross. The mixture of fear and curiosity written in his eyes sent shivers through my spine. 

My heels clanked as I paced against the hardwood floor, smacking the firm part of the crop into my palm.

“I have been waiting to do this for a long time, Ryan.” I spoke, a smirk beginning to play on my lips. “Since you believe I am a sadist, I will try and go easy on you…” trailing his naked inner thigh with the feathered end of the crop.

The alert of his manhood let me know that he was aching for me. Deep down, he had been just as sadistic as me. 

“I will admit…the first day we met, at the restaurant with our spouses, I didn’t like you. I saw the judgment in your eyes about my lifestyle.” My eyes narrowing in his direction. “Now look at you, chained to my cross and begging for my touch.”

I couldn’t help but feel great pleasure knowing that Mister Sexy-Ass and Zombie Wars actor, Ryan Carlisle, allowed his curiosity get the best of him. 

He can say this ordeal is simply research for that little movie deal of his all he wants. The amount of lust he holds for me has nothing to do with his marriage. He loves his wife as much as I love my husband…but sometimes, love cannot erase the itch that must be scratched.

Fulfilling a sexual desire with another partner does not make anyone a cheater or a whore. My husband and I have already made our agreements on this subject. Ryan Carlisle is my Hall Pass and dammit, I’m taking it!

While we waited for the arrival of the Carlisle’s, my husband insisted that we walk down to the beach. 

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as he twirled me around to the music playing from the guitarist a few paces away.

Catching a glimpse of a few people watching, I couldn’t help but think…why yes, I am a very lucky to have a man this romantic.

We stopped dancing the moment the song came to an end. The people watching cheered and even started to laugh when I began to splash Ryan with water. 

Since we had dinner plans, he didn’t dare chase me into the ocean. I had to lift up my dress a bit to keep it from getting drenched as my feet played around in the water like a child on their first visit to the beach.

I glanced over at our table to see Ash still there, waiting for Ryan and Melanie’s arrival. It didn’t bother me one bit about them running late…it gives me more time to tease my husband.

“Are you about done here?” My extremely impatient husband called out to me. 

I scrunched my nose in his direction. “Awe…but daddy…you promised I could play on the beach until our guests arrive!” Playfully stomping my foot.

“Young lady, you get your tooshie out of that water or there will be no dessert.” He replied, sarcastically rolling his eyes.

“That’s so unfair! You never let me do anything!” I hollered, stomping out of the water and right up to him. 

The expression on my face softened the second I stared up into his eyes. “But I love you anyways.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back and reeled me closer to him. “I love you so much more.” His lips gently pressing into mine.

The music started again with a soft and sweet melody. Ryan took a hold of one of my hands and our feet glided against the sand.
Kim's Review
3.75 Stars

Marrying Via was the best thing Ryan ever did in his life.  Her unexpected announcement at the wedding just made his life even better.  When Ryan’s high school girlfriend approaches him with a movie idea that she needs his and Via’s help with the couple can’t say no.  Via is more than willing to teach the Hollywood couple Ryan and Melanie Carlisle about their lifestyle but when Ryan and Ryan are threaten, Via and Melanie do everything they can to get their husbands back.  If Via thought this was bad, she realizes that things can get worse.  Ryan is pulling away from her and she doesn’t know how to get him back.  Will Via be able to help Ryan find his way back or will Ryan lose everything he ever wanted? 

I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

Via had everything she wanted.  Ryan gave her what she needed in the bedroom and she equally exchanged it with him.  Her friends feel that she is too tied up in Ryan and surprise her with a trip to Paris.  When things don’t go according to plan Via does her best to stay strong and hold her ground, after all she only has a short time left to be able to do whatever she wants.  After being hit with a tragedy Via begins to pull away from Ryan.  Via some times be perfectly happy and wants to be with only Ryan and other times she craves her independence that she doesn’t seem to have.  She knows how to push Ryan’s buttons and can be very headstrong.  Her biggest issue is that she acts like a child and runs away from her problems.  Most of the time she is hoping on a plane to a different state or country. When she is hit with a tragedy she takes it like any woman would.  Her depression is normal but it adds a strain to the already delicate relationship. She realizes that Ryan’s dominant side is starting to appear more often and she does what she can to give him what he needs.  It may be unconventional but she’s afraid of losing him.

Ryan was the happiest man on earth when Via agreed to marry him.  Her surprise for him just made it better.  His love for her was so strong and the fact she understood his need for dominance just made his life perfect.  He loved the give and take of his relationship with Via but his dominant side was starting to take over.  When Via tells him she’s going to Paris for a girls week, he doesn’t take it very well and this causes problems between the couple. After a tragedy strike the couple, Ryan feels Via pulling away.  Things between them become even more strained.  What’s worse is Ryan’s ex’s start showing up and this is the last thing they need.  He feels the need to dominate more and more.  Via give him an unexpected gift that starts to consume his life.  He starts to pull away from Via more.  The turmoil that Ryan goes through over this doesn’t help the fact that the Dom inside him has taken over his life. Ryan struggles with how to get back what he had with Via but she doesn’t make it easy for him and he believes she is right that he needs to prove he is going to be there for her.

This continuation of Via and Ryan’s story left me questioning where Andie was trying to take these characters.  For the most part the story is good but there were parts of it that left me disappointed.  It was hard to get into in some parts but as the story went on it did get better.  For me it was a roller coaster ride of good parts and disappointing parts of the story.  The beginning of the book had me wanting to know where these two would go and how they would get through things.  It was the unconventional agreement Via made with Ryan that had me wondering why a character would do that.  I don’t know what woman would agree to such a thing but I’m not her so I tried my best to keep an open mind.  There were a lot of hot scene that kept me wanting more and the suspense of what Ashley, Ryan’s ex from high school was up to kept me reading.  Unfortunately, that part of the story needed more to make it better.  Things went too perfectly and there was a lot more that could’ve been added.  I gave this 4 stars however it’s not quite a 4 star but definitely better than 3 stars.  I do look forward to reading how Ryan goes about to fix the mess he created and if these two dominants end up together.

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