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Stars in their Eyes by Lauren Blakely Release Day Blitz

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We are pleased as punch to bring you the Release Day Launch for STARS IN THEIR EYES by Lauren Blakely! STARS IN THEIR EYES is the first full-length novel from her New Adult Romance Series, Wrapped Up in Love, a spinnoff series from her New York Times and USA Today Bestelling Caught Up in Love Series!!! The prequel novella, A STARSTRUCK KISS, is included in STARS IN THEIR EYES so that readers can enjoy the experience of reading through the full-length standalone novel in its entirety! And for those in the know, there is no cliffhanger in this title. However, A STARSTRUCK KISS will remain free, but as a short prequel to introduce readers to these new characters starting on release day!

Stars in Their Eyes

“You played me,” he said, but he didn’t sound mad. He sounded impressed. “It worked,” I said, pride suffusing my tone. “But the scrapes are real.” “Yeah, I feel terrible. Shall I go hunt down a Band-Aid for you now? Oh wait. You carry them with you. You’re always prepared.” “You never know when you might have to take a fall to be first,” I said, and rooted around in the front pocket of my backpack for a Band-Aid. I found one, peeled off the wrapping and started to press it onto my palm. “Let me help,” he said in a soft voice, laying the ends of the Band-Aid onto my skin. He stepped closer, his body now officially in the zone of supreme nearness–the zone that would allow for hands to explore chests, and arms to be wrapped around necks, and lips to lock again. I held my breath. My hands tingled under his touch. “This is the part in the script where the reformed bad boy touches the heroine for the second time,” he whispered. I wanted to close my eyes and linger in the moment. But I had to be stoic. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. That this was the moment when the heroine’s skin raced from the barest touch. So I lied. “This is the part where the heroine doesn’t even notice.” He raised an eyebrow. He held my gaze. I didn’t look away in enough time. My breath caught, and my lips were parted. “Hi,” he whispered in a voice that was getting under my skin. “Hi,” I said against my better judgment, against my brain. “Are we still on for the movie tomorrow?” “You’re just asking me out because I’m the competition, right? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” “I’m asking because I want to go out with you. Not because you’re the enemy.” I scoffed. “At least you admitted I’m the enemy. That’s why you’re asking me.” He raised his hand, reaching gently for a strand of my hair. My feet felt wobbly with him so near to me. The earth was suddenly operating at a bizarre angle. I pressed my palm against the brick wall behind me to steady myself as he ran a finger along my hair. So softly. “I swear,” he whispered, pinning me with his gaze. “I truly want to see the movie with you. Say you’re still going with me.”

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  About STARS IN THEIR EYES: WARNING: The hero in this book is not an asshole. He is hot, charming, smart, funny, ripped, gorgeous, respectful and completely panty-melting. Please proceed. A sexy and swoony new adult romance... Celebrity photographer and college senior Jess Leighton desperately needs to crash the wedding of the year. Snapping just one pic of the A-list Hollywood couple tying the knot will pay her way through grad school. But with security tighter than the bride-to-be's corset, she'll need more than her camera and smarts, she'll need help from her biggest rival--hot, British, motorcycle-riding William Harrigan, whose sexy accent can melt the panties off any woman. He's the last person Jess should trust, but he's her only ticket in. William Harrigan wants one thing - to stay in L.A. past college graduation. With a student visa set to expire, the clock is ticking. When he lands a gig that pairs him with the beautiful blond spitfire Jess, he's scored his best shot at living out the American dream. Winning her trust would be a whole lot easier, however, if he didn't have ulterior motives... But there's no faking the intense attraction between them. Try as they might to resist each other, soon sparks are flying, as they devise a plan to sneak into the ceremony. But when Jess' new celebrity client raises the stakes, she starts to smell blackmail, and soon she and Will are chasing down cheating directors, staking out clandestine trysts, and making fake IDs, all while sneaking scene-stealing kisses and hot nights together. The audience loves a happy ending, but in a town where everyone's acting and no one's playing by the rules, can Jess and William find their own ever after in time? **Stars in Their Eyes is the start of the sexy, swoony and scandalous new adult series Wrapped Up in Love, which is a spin-off of the NYT and USA Today Bestselling Caught Up in Love series. You don't need to have read Caught Up in Love to follow this new series, but you'll likely enjoy those books!**

Kim's review
4 Stars

William Harrigan caught Jess Leighton off guard when he showed up at her place of employment.   Jess is trying to get enough money together pay for medical school while working as a celebrity photographer. William only has a short time left on his student Visa and is trying everything he can to get a job that will sponsor him.  He’s been giving an assignment to find out what it takes to be a celebrity photographer. Once seen as Jess’s competitor, now he needs her help, in return he will get her into the celebrity wedding of the year so she can get the picture she needs to pay for school.  Will William find a job in time and help Jess or will time run out for both of them?
I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Jess is a woman we can all admire.  She’s a hard working, independent and incredibly driven.  She has had a few bumps in her life, but as long as she feels like she has control it doesn’t have a real impact on the present.  She fights against her attraction for William, having lost who she was in her last relationship.  Even through she comes out of it a stronger person there are times she second-guess herself.  It’s been a few years since then and she is a stronger person but she doesn’t feel like that.  Jess tries to keep her focus on work and school but William is hard to ignore.
William is in the United Stated on a student Visa that’s about to expire.  He’s a strong, hard working man who has a soft side to him that makes your heart melt. Meeting Jess has got him focusing on her and not his assignment for his real job.  He dreams to live in the in America permanently.  He hasn’t had any luck finding a job that will sponsor him for a work Visa.  I admire William for not going the easy route and marrying Jess to stay in the USA, instead he uses his skills to get a job so he can stay.  He has a kind heart and falls for Jess easily and will do anything for her.
I loved how William and Jess mesh together so well, but both try to stay focus on their tasks at hand.  William breaks Jess’s walls down by being himself, so Jess can finally feels like she can trust him.  No matter how hard Jess tries she can’t seem to get enough of William and he feel the same.  These two were made for each other and I love how it just didn’t fall into place so easily for them, but they had to work at it.
This is a heart warming story that keeps you guessing as Hollywood stories never are quite like they seem, there’s always a twist or two in the plot.  Lauren Blakely kept me guessing who was doing what, why they were doing it and how it would all come together in the end. If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining and sexy read, this is the book for you.

A Starstruck Kiss Cover
And don’t miss the FREE Prequel Novella, A STARSTRUCK KISS!

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  About Lauren Blakely: Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He’s Mine, Playing With Her Heart, and Trophy Husband. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.      


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