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AJ Harmon Author Spotlight - October 2014

Born in Perth, Australia to English parents, AJ grew up on the beaches in the summer and studiously studying English, Music and Language during the school year.  Reading, dancing and cooking filled the rest of her time.  Moving to the United States as a teenager opened her up to not only a new culture, a faster paced life and eventually to her own Prince Charming as well.  Now married for twenty-nine years to her sweetheart, AJ is still perfecting their own happy ending, and loving every minute of it.

She and her husband have two children that she describes as "every mother's dream". Her son and son-in-law are stationed is southern California, and her daughter is an attorney in Washington.  All are vital members of her 'village' and is thrilled to have them as friends as well as children.

The First Class Series

A year after losing her husband, her high school sweetheart and the love of her life to cancer, Janie Anderson embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City. Trying to escape the oppressive loss and hopelessness of a life without him, Janie sets off on the adventure she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. Exploring the Big Apple, New York City, she secretly hopes that this landmark event will free her from her grief and unlock a future as wonderful as the life she had lost with Robert’s passing.
After a series of embarrassing encounters with a man in a dark grey suit during the flight, Janie wonders if this trip might be more than she bargained for. At 42, she is much too young to spend the rest of her days as a lonely widow, but is resolved to the fact that, like lightning, a love like that of her first marriage rarely strikes twice.
When she accepts his invitation to dinner that evening, Janie is terrified at the realization that she’s actually attracted to him. The handsome and wealthy Matt Lathem is sexy as hell, but, as Janie comes to realize, has baggage of his own. Can they help to heal each other in time to realize that a second chance at love is within their grasp?

First Class to New York’s Janie Anderson returns home to Portland after her long awaited, once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City. She had spent two weeks in the Big Apple with the drop-dead gorgeous Matt Lathem, whom she had literally stumbled upon while embarking on her highly anticipated adventure. He had warned her that once her trip was over, so was their time together. But she had fallen head-over-heels for him anyway and had lacked the courage to tell him her true feelings. Heart-broken, she boarded the plane back to her life in Portland.
Back in Oregon, Janie tries to forget him and move on, only to have everything remind her of what she had left in New York: a fresh start and another chance at love.
When Matt realizes that the woman of his dreams and the love of his life is only a first class ticket to Portland away, he risks everything and boards the next plane for the West Coast. What had started as a “romantic fling” had blossomed into something he’d never felt before; an unyielding desire to spend the rest of his life with her.
When Matt shows up without warning, Janie’s world is once again tipped upside down.

Katy, a head-turning gorgeous ER nurse, has spent her life watching her best friend live the romantic fairytale not once, but twice. She’s had to fight and scrape for every ounce of happiness she has ever had, and must battle once again for her life and her dreams.
She wasn’t sure she’d ever been truly happy. Did she even deserve love or happiness? She doubted it.  Would it ever be her turn to fall in love?  She didn’t think so.
Katy had always enjoyed the fact that men found her physically attractive, but it always seemed to be the wrong men.  “Does my Mr. Right even exist?” she’d wondered.
Just a week before her best friend Janie married her Mr. Right, Katy had everything taken from her, enduring what no woman should ever have to. Lured, kidnapped, and violated, her life and sense of wellbeing was destroyed in an instant.
Mark had rescued Katy from her captor, but could he now rescue her from the lurid memories that disturbed her every thought? He knew one thing, Katy deserved justice, and he would stand by her side until the criminal was rotting in prison… or hell.  He would not let her face this tragedy alone.
Unwilling to spend the rest of her life as a victim, Katy fights the demons left to haunt her by the predator and searches for a way to reclaim even a sliver of hope and happiness.

First Class Voyage is the 4th book in the First Class Novels adult contemporary romance series by AJ Harmon. When best friends Janie and Katy fell in love with the rich and sexy Lathem brothers Matt & Mark they didn’t realize the new family dynamics they would be sucked into.
Family time takes on a whole new meaning when Maureen, the matriarch of the Lathem clan, decides she wants to celebrate her wedding anniversary by taking the entire family on a Caribbean cruise. She drags her husband, seven adult sons, their significant others, five grandchildren and a mother-in-law onto a floating city in the Caribbean Sea with 3000 other passengers… where insecurities and tension between in-laws begin to surface.
Matt and Janie are still enjoying their happily ever after while Katy struggles to find her place in the large family. Frustrated by Maureen’s constant pressure to transform her 3 year engagement into wedding bells, Katy boards the ship expecting it to be the worst 14 days of her life. Mid-voyage, panic sets in when Janie’s best friend fails to return from a shore excursion with Mark. Remember what happened the last time Katy went missing?
In this book you’ll be introduced to Matt and Mark’s five younger brothers including Paul, a Navy Seal on leave between tours of duty. He’s not excited about being trapped on a boat surrounded by the circus called his family. Is Paul ready to trade in the organized discipline of military life to be a civilian with a wife and family?
First Class Voyage is a light, easy, smile-inducing read that explores love and family in the 21st century.

Lieutenant Commander Paul Lathem has served his country proudly for eleven years as a navy Seal. He has risked life and limb to preserve freedom and has loved every minute of it, but having entered his thirties, he realizes he’s looking for more. He wants the wife and the kids and the life he sees his older brother Matt enjoying. And he is sure he wants it with Nic, but she isn’t convinced.
Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Nic Stewart has had a difficult childhood, with scars burned deep in her heart. Recently fired from her job as a kindergarten teacher, Nic increases her employment search radius and ends up in Manhattan, just blocks from the Lathems…and Paul.
Will Paul be able to soften Nic’s heart and rescue her from the demons of her childhood? Can he convince her she deserves a love story?

Lindsey Dardin is at the height of her career. Executive Chef at two of Manhattan’s finest dining establishments at the young age of thirty-five, her professional life is on fire. But since her short-lived marriage in her early twenties, love has eluded her.
David Lathem loves his job as curator for the Atherton Gallery. And with his live-in girl, Freckles the cat, he seems content. But when he meets Lindsey he finally realizes his life is sorely lacking.
Lindsey offers David cooking lessons and they spend weeks in the kitchen getting to know each other and Lindsey falling head over heels in love with him. But David is too blind to see what’s right in front of him. Can he figure out what he wants in time?
New romance novel for the foodie who’s passionate about cooking and love; First Class Menu was published in June on Kindle eBooks. Food Network meets Lifetime in this fun and sexy new contemporary romance by Amazon’s top rated author AJ Harmon.

Tim, the youngest Lathem brother, works hard and plays harder. A member of New York City’s bravest, a fire fighter, he puts his life on the line every time he battles a raging fire. But when it comes to women and romance, he’s not willing to risk anything. Women are there for his amusement and nothing more, and being a gorgeous, sexy Lathem brother, allows him to do as he pleases. Women throw themselves at him all night long.

Beth Collins has made New York City her home after relocating from England. She’s created a quiet life for herself and her faithful four-legged companion, Cleo. When Tim rescues Cleo from her building that’s on fire, her gratitude turns into something more. Sparks instantly fly between them and the feelings they have for each other are real and deep, scaring them both.
Beth’s family does not approve of Tim…he doesn’t measure up to their rigid standards as husband material, so Beth is torn between following her heart and respecting the wishes of her parents. Tim is a playboy and loves his lifestyle. He’s not sure he’s ready to settle down. Will he give it all up for her? Can love truly conquer all?

First Class Stamp Delivers a Hot New Romance Novel for a Great Get-Away Read!” – Exclaims, I Love Romance Novels Online
Ben, the last of the Lathem brothers to remain single, has a mantra; he is happy and content. He tells himself over and over again hoping that one day he may actually believe it. Running his brother’s company and living the life of a well-to-do bachelor, Ben isn’t looking for love.
Sophia is a single mom and a devoted daughter. Helping out her dad in the family business, the corner market across from Ben’s apartment, her son meets Ben and forms a friendship, throwing Ben and Sophia into one another’s path. Romance and love are the last things on her mind, but Ben is what every woman dreams of marrying.
Maria works for Ben in Rio de Janeiro and her ten year old son has been Ben’s pen pal for years. When she is transferred to New York, will the smoldering lust that has lain dormant for years be ignited?
One man and two women. He has a choice to make. Where will his heart lead him?

Just when life seems to be perfect, tragedy strikes. The Lathems lose one of their own in a senseless, violent crime and the family struggles to deal with the loss.
Spreading the ashes and saying farewell is harder than they could ever have imagined, but are reminded repeatedly that life goes on – there is still living and loving to be done.
While all together in their house in the Caribbean, they are reminded once more how fragile life can be and how they should treasure every moment shared with the most important people on earth – their family. Join the Lathem family as they say goodbye to a loved one and watch a romance blossom right in front of their eyes.

The best-selling contemporary romance series, First Class Novels, is now available in this boxed set. All nine books in the series are here and AJ has included a BONUS 15,000 word novella that tells the love story of Peter and Maureen Lathem, available ONLY in this set. Download your copy now and begin reading the sexy and wealthy Lathem brother’s true love story.
The Lathem family is all about love, trust, loyalty, respect and family. They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together, too. Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily-ever-after, and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan.
Love, sex, fun, loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the first page of the first book to the last page of the final story.

Sky Romance Novels is about to take-off!
If it wasn’t for Sky Romance Novels I’d be lying on the couch in a state of depression! As a contemporary romance author, I love to tell stories about love and the much-sought-after happily-ever-after. And I loved telling the Lathem’s story in the First Class Novels series. But when that came to an end, I wondered what on earth could fill me with joy as much as writing that series.
When chatting with my husband and son one afternoon, the idea of Sky Romance Novels was born and I was so excited I could hardly wait to get to the computer and start pounding out the stories that were already taking form in my head. After months of planning and writing, my new contemporary romance series has taken on a life of its’ own and we are about to take-off!
Sky Airlines is a fictional airline that flies all over the world. We have flight crews, flight attendants, baggage handlers, gate and ticket agents, and of course, passengers. Have you ever sat at the gate of an airport waiting to board your flight and gazed around at all the people who would share the plane with you? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of their flight was, or whether or not they were excited or apprehensive about taking the trip? I have and am excited to share the stories of my fictional friends in Sky Romance Novels.
Love, laughter, romance, travel! It’s all there for you to escape with a great book. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to fly Sky Airline!

Are you looking for a fun, sweet read that inspires you to believe in the power of love? Then you’ve found the right book!

Contemporary Romance Author AJ Harmon, author of the Amazon top-rated First Class Novels series, brings you book 2 of her new Sky Romance Novels series, Las Vegas - what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Lose yourself in this emotional journey of self-discovery and transformation.

After taking a Sky Romance flight to Las Vegas, socialite Jessie Ellis learns the hard way that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Choices have consequences, and not making the hard choices could have life-long consequences. Just days away from being swept down a predetermined path, not by her choice but because it was easy and expected, Jessie makes the hard decision to choose her own future and fight for the love and happiness she deserves. As her predetermined and passive existence crumbles around her, will she find her dream of a joyful and fulfilling happiness and a passionate and forever love?

Asher Jenkins is in desperate need of some decompression time. Trying to make partner at his law firm has left him drained and as best man for his best friend’s wedding, what better place for a bachelor party than Las Vegas?

A chance meeting for Jessie and Asher turns into a mind-blowing one-night stand. Saying goodbye, they assumed they would never see one another again, but fate has a way of helping them to realize that their futures are entwined. Will they continue to fight it? Or accept that their destiny is to be together? Will Asher be able to capture Jessie’s shielded heart?

The Sky Romance Novels is a new contemporary romance series that answers the question, “I wonder where they’re flying to and why.” Each book tells the story of the passengers and crew on a Sky Airlines flight. In book 1 we followed Jill, William and Annie on a flight to San Diego where you discover that loves comes in many forms. In book 2 we read about Jessie and Asher as they fly to Las Vegas, only to realize that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Watch for more books and travel destinations in the series coming soon

Becoming a priest wasn’t his plan, but when Tyler Oswin suffers a tragic loss, the safety of the church seemed the perfect place to find solace and peace. Now Father Hugh, he works and tries to do good but his carnal nature always seems to get in the way of fully committing to his new profession.
Amy Lansing felt lost as a teenager after her father died and deals with her loneliness by joining the convent. She’s not living – she’s hiding. Holding onto the past is keeping her from dealing with her future and when she meets Father Hugh, her heart starts beating again, despite knowing that there can never be anything more than a friendship between them.
With all that has happened in the past, and the difficulty of their current situation, it seems that neither Tyler nor Amy will find the happily ever after they are both desperately searching for. But love has a way of bringing them together, only to find that his sins from the past will threaten their future.
He’s No Saint is a love story for all who believe in fighting for love. It is a stand-alone novel written by AJ Harmon, author of the best-selling series First Class Novels.

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