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For His Protection by Amber A Bardan Release Tour

BOOK: For His Protection (Protection #2)
AUTHOR: Amber A. Bardan
RELEASE DATE: November 5th, 2015
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For years Tyler has longed, lusted and burned for the girl who saved his life. He’ll do anything to have her—including hire her as his bodyguard. But when the girl of his dreams turns out to have a dark streak he never could have imagined, he’ll need more in his seductive arsenal than sweet talk- he’ll have to find out just how far he’s prepared to go to get her.

Brooke has been through the kind of hell that doesn’t make it into most people’s nightmares. She’s strong, she’s fierce and she believes the only place any man belongs in her life is wedged under the toe of her shoe. Ty is the one man to get under her skin and send her mindless with desire. He’s also a spanner in her life that could undo everything she's worked for. 

She wants him—but can a man like Ty handle the kind of fantasies she has in mind?

Kim's Review 
For His Protection
5 Stars!!

Brook went through hell and back five years ago and some how she survived it.  With the help from her friend Connor Crowe, owner of Crowe Security, she has a good job and feels stronger then ever.  She keeps most people at a distance but Crowe’s Security’s newest client has other plan in mind.  At first she doesn’t remember Tyler but once she does, the feelings she had for this stranger she saved years ago come flooding back to her. Can Tyler handle the woman Brook has become or will her past ruin any chance of them finding happiness?

I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

Brook is a woman who has the will to survive and has proven this when she was kidnapped, tortured and left for dead.  Five years later her life is back on track but that night has never left her.  Brook has a job with Crowe Security and helps Connor teach self-defense class to women, so they never have to experience what she did.  She has a set of rules that she sticks to but this prevents anyone from getting close.  Connor and his fiancé Charlize are the two closest friends she has.  Brook has a bond with Charlize as the both have been through a similar situation.  It took a while but she is finally the strong independent woman she once was with baggage that holds her back when it comes to finding love. 

An accident five years ago brought a beautiful, enchanting woman into Tyler’s life and saving him.  Even though times has past Tyler has never stopped searching for her, as he can’t get her out of his head.  He finally gets the news that she has been located as his company is in need of additional security.  Tyler knows he wants her and will do anything to get her including hiring the company she works for to get her in his life again.  For an Alpha male, Tyler is very willing to give into Brooks demands to keep her close to him.  He takes his current situation with his business to not only get Brook into his life but into his house.  He isn’t ashamed to give her the control she needs if that means she is with him.  Most males would see this as a sign of weakness but it take strength to give that kind of control and trust a person.  At the same time he does everything he can to protect Brook to.  When he learns of what happened in past to make her the way she is, he only wants to hurt the person who hurt her and doesn’t see her differently.

These two have had a connection since they first met.  Years apart haven’t lessened the connection between them.  Tyler may have everything he could ask for except the one person he wants the most.  He doesn’t back down when it comes to Brook.  The baggage she brings with her should make him run from her, but it just brings out his protective instincts.  She’s the one who is suppose to be protecting him, but all he wants to do is protect her. 
Brook has never forgotten what she told the man she helped and the feeling she had for this stranger.  She done everything to protect herself and her heart but Tyler is the only guy who has ever gotten past her defenses.  She puts him to the test to see if she can truly trust him.  Brook can’t ignore what her body and heart is telling her.  She gives in to Tyler but only on her terms.  Tyler is willing to give her anything as long as he can have her. 

It’s nice to see the alpha male taking orders in this book even if only for a short time.  I love how Tyler is man enough to see what Brook needs and give it to her the way she wants and needs it.  His patience for Brook is amazing and it makes you appreciate the strength it takes to give a person that when it’s not in your nature.  Brook learns that not everyone is what they seem to be.  She sees that Tyler is willing to take whatever she’s dishes out just so she knows he can be trusted and that he wants to be with her.  This book is my favorite of the two in the series as the characters are very different from the ones I’ve read.  Despite the baggage Brook carries around her, she shows strength that any woman can admire and men can learn a thing or two from Tyler.

Amber has written an amazing second novel in the Personal Protection series and if you’re looking for a story with an amazingly strong and independent woman and romance that can melt you’re heart, then this is the book for you!
Kim Review's
For Her Protection
4 Stars!!

After her father suffers a stoke and her uncle’s unexpected death, Charlize Halifax steps up to run her family’s business.  Just when she starts getting deeper into the business, she finds herself in need of a bodyguard.  When she meets Connor Crowe of Crowe Security she can’t keep her thoughts out of the gutter.  After all this was the caveman who tried to tell her what to do and left her wanting him more than she thought possible. With the security of Halifax Communication’s coming up short, she reluctantly agrees to hire Connor’s security company to fill in the gaps and that when things start to heat up between.  Was hiring Connor’s company the right decision or will the things get too heated?

I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Charlize’s Halifax has spent most of her adult life being told what to do and how to do it.  Now that she’s out of that situation, she wants to prove to everyone that she can’t be pushed around. She is a stubborn, strong and independent woman who has set standards for herself, which are impossible to achieve. She has this idea of what the CEO of Halifax Communication’s should be, but she always feels that others don’t think she can be that person.  Charlize is her own worst critic and comes by it easily as her father treats her the same way.  The idea that she needs to work or stay at home with the kids has been bread into her and she doesn’t see how she can have both.  Connor has thrown her off course, as she has never thought she’d feel that way about a man after how her ex-fiancé treated her.  She sees him as a caveman wanting things she could never give and doesn’t try to see him for who he is.

Connor Crowe has been happy with the way his life has been going.  Owning his own Security Company and teaching self-defense classes to women has given him a sense of accomplishment the police force never did.  He’s a strong stubborn alpha male, which leaves him wanting to protect the ones he cares about. After spending a short time with her, he felt connected to her and wanted more but her stubbornness gets in the way.  Once he was given the opportunity to spend more time with her as her bodyguard he jumps at the chance.  Every time he is with her, can’t seem to get control of the needing to make Charlize his permanently.

These two seem to butt heads more than they get along.  When Charlize hire’s his company to protect her and the company her dad built, things change between them.  The chemistry that draws them together also has their stubborn sides butting heads.  Both fight for control, which leading them to lose control and into submit to their passion.  They both can’t seem to get along but they can’t get enough of each other either.  Just when you think you know what is about to come next Amber throws a twist in there and has you guessing what is really going on and who is in on it.  This book has a perfect blend of romance and suspense that leaves you wanting more.  Connor is the right amount of Alpha male that you want for readers who don’t want too much kink in their romance novels.  It’s a great start to the series and I look for to reading the second book For His Protection.



Book One: For Her Protection

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Book Two: For His Protection
Preorder Available Now: Out November 5th

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After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her days as a graphic designer but her nights writing gritty, raw, erotic romance with heart.
She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.



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