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SOAR Synopsis: 
 Seven Nights, Seven Highs. 

SOAR is the sizzling conclusion to the Indigo Lounge Series. Dark and sinfully sexy Noah King thought he had left his past behind in New York. In Leia Michaels he thought he'd found his kindred spirit and an answer to all his unrelenting cravings. But the past is not done with him. When his future explodes in a shower of nightmares he can’t walk away from, he’s left with an unconscionable choice. For a painfully brief time, Leia imagined she was free at last. Free to contemplate a future with Noah King. But returning to Miami brings a whole new set of nightmares. She craves a man who will never be hers. And her shadows of her past are closing in on her. For the lovers of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, comes the next scorching story from this bestselling series. Warning: this book contains explicit scenes of scorching sex, heartache and emotional highs that will leave your pulse racing. 18+ only.

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Kim's Review
4 stars

Noah King has a past that keeps coming back and won’t let go.  When he met Leia Michaels things changed for him.  He had finally found what he’s been looking for, and the hold she has on him after only seven days is surprising.  Leia Michaels had a difficult life the past five years.  Her past is tainted and holding her back.  She took a risk when she decided to take a chance and board the Indigo Lounge.  What she didn’t expect was is that when she met Noah King, he would take her on a journey that would change her forever.  Both of them have been trying to forget their devastating past but just when they think they are about to find the happiness they need in each other, their past catches up to them dragging them back under.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Noah King is unlike any Dom I’ve read in previous books, he seems to be more on the dark side if the spectrum.  He is looking for something and thought he had found it in Leia, but his past seems to keep coming back.  He is a man in charge of his life and takes his Dom duties very serious when he finds Leia is in trouble.  Even when Leia does her best to push him away, Noah doesn’t give up, as he won’t let anyone hurt the only woman who truly understands him.  I love that side of him and although Noah has a temper, he seems to be in control of it most of the time.  True to his Dom self he acts accordingly and take Leia’s safety very seriously when he finds out what Warren has done to her.  What I like about Noah the most is the fact that he doesn’t just give up and walk away when he should.  When he cares for someone he does it with all his heart and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Leia’s past has left her doubting her worth, which is one of her weaknesses, but she is anything but weak.  Leia has live through some of the most horrible things life can throw at you and isn’t totally screwed up.  She’s a strong, independent, selfless woman in charge of her own company at the age of twenty-three, but is far too trusting and naïve.  She doesn’t want to see the bad in people, as that is all she has had in her life.  Trusting some one isn’t easy but trusting Noah can be easy and difficult at the same time.  Sexually she submits to Noah without question, but outside the bedroom she is more skeptical. The submissive side of her comes out so easily when she’s with Noah, but she fights it until she realizes that she truly wants to submit to him.

Both Noah and Leia have a self-destructive side that comes out when they’re trying to do the right thing for one another, but no matter what they do, it all comes down to they them belong together in every way and the stubbornness is only getting in their way.  You could say they are soul mate or made for each other.

Warren Snyder comes of as slimy, sleazy older man, who stays true to himself when he goes after Leia.  I was disappointed that his character didn’t goes as far as I anticipated him to and it left me wanting more from him but at the same time, not every one goes to such extremes. I found it fitting, it could realistically happen in every day life.  He is what one would think an older creepy guy hung up on a young girl would be like.

Zara Cox wrote a great conclusion to Noah and Leia’s story and kept me guessing what would be thrown at them next.  She kept it suspenseful enough to keep me intrigued but didn’t go too far that is was impossible to believe it couldn’t happen in every day life.  She kept thing going with very few lows and ended the story perfectly making me wanting to go back and read this first two in the series.  I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys this style of romance.
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Zara Cox Bio: Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn't until nine years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone outside her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara's next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she would love to hear your thoughts. Visit her Facebook Page - Zara-Cox-Writer or connect with her on Twitter or Goodreads. 

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