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Blog Tour for Planned Seduction by Jess Dee

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Today is our stop on the blog tour for Planned Seduction! 
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Planned Seduction

About Planned Seduction

He has a plan she can’t refuse

Daniel Tanner’s been in love with Amy since they were teenagers. If she would only give him a chance to show her how good they could be together, he could convince her the fiery attraction between them won’t burn up and ruin their friendship.

Amy Morgan’s had a front row seat to the parade of women coming in and out of Daniel’s life for years, so she’s not interested in risking what they have for something that would eventually end with her heart being broken by her best friend. And life has taught her broken hearts is the way love always ends.

But no one knows Amy better than Daniel, and he’s devised a plan to show her they can have it all.

(This book has been previously published. It is re-releasing as part of Entangled Publishing’s Brazen Line.)

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She turned around and stared out at the ocean. “I…that is, last night should never have happened. It was wrong.”

“It didn’t seem wrong at the time.” Nothing in his life had ever felt more right.

“Maybe so. But in the cold light of day, things look a lot different.”

“You don’t. You look every bit as beautiful as you did last night.” He needed to disarm her, charm her, and combat any argument she might make, no matter how logical.

“I was talking about…us.”

“You think if I kissed you now, it would be any different? Any less explosive? You think nothing else would happen?”

“That’s exactly what I think. We both have our senses about us now. Things are normal again.”

Their normal had changed, and he couldn’t wait to prove it to her. “Come here.” He kept his voice low. “Let’s find out exactly how things are in the cold light of day.”

She squirmed and folded her arms in front of her chest, but not before he noticed her breasts straining against the tight T-shirt. Her nipples jutted out, clearly outlined beneath the stretchy fabric. “We don’t need to find out anything. I’m telling you things are different. Last night, I got caught up in the moment and let it go too far. I’m sorry, it was my mistake.”
He moved closer to her. “You think we won’t get caught up in the moment right here?” He traced her lips with his finger.

“You think if I kissed you now, you wouldn’t feel that excitement again?”

Her mouth opened at his touch.

He ran his finger ever so lightly between her lips before slipping it into her warm, wet mouth, and then out again, mimicking his actions from the night before.

“I…uh, no.” She stared at him with glazed eyes, the rise and fall of her chest uneven.

She was lying. He could see it in her liquid green gaze. If she looked at him with those bedroom eyes for another second, so help him, he would disprove her theory. Convincingly.

He ran his finger along her lips again. “Amy,” he murmured. “Would you like me to kiss you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Would you like me to touch you like I did last night?”

“Yes.” It was a soft moan.

His mouth close to her ear, he murmured, “If I touch you, will you come for me again?”

“God, yes.”

Without warning, her head snapped up. He heard a crack as her skull hit his.

She swore as she massaged her forehead. His own head throbbed.

“Ouch!” She glared at him. “Damn it, now look what you made me do.” She looked at her hand, as if checking for blood, then punched his arm. “This is exactly what I don’t want to get into with you.” Her voice gathered strength, and she hit him again. “I don’t want to get involved with you physically. Can you please just understand that?”

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About Jess Dee

An avid romance reader since her early teens, Jess knew one day, when she grew up, she’d have to write her own love stories. And she did. Although the first one was pretty awful.

But once she discovered it was okay to leave the bedroom door open in her romance novels, she decided to leave everything open. Buttons, zips, pants, number of lovers...Which is why her books are all steamy erotic romances. Jess’s first published story was originally contracted in 2005. Since then, she’s completed over 30 books, and is finally doing the work she loves most—writing romance.

While Jess lived most of her life in South Africa, the last fourteen years have been spent in Australia. From the fast-paced Sydney lifestyle to the laid-back islands and beaches, there’s always another gorgeous Aussie setting for a contemporary romance.

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