Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blog Tour for Uninhibited! Series by Lauren Hawkeye

About the Uninhibited! Series

Celebrity archaeologist Cari Dunn is so over the Georgia heat, the red tape at her dig site, and the threatening messages left on her motel door. She just wants to dig, and the network just wants to keep her safe—with a bodyguard. She can’t complain. Jasper Benjamin radiates raw masculinity that penetrates her to the core and ignites passion she’s never felt. Too bad for him, she's not going to be easy to handle.

Lusting after the bodyguard shouldn’t be so tempting, especially when her life is on the line.

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My voice was raspy, as though it had been torn to shreds and pieced back together again. That was kind of how I felt.

I’d never come with a partner before, and I’d never come that hard before, ever.

“Easy.” Gently, Jasper set me back down on my feet. The movement caught me off guard, and awkwardness intruded on my blissful haze.

I’d just come for the man who was supposed to be guarding my life. I’d had his cock in my mouth, and I liked it.

“I said you didn’t have to worry about me,” I blurted the first thing that popped into my head—anything to fill the silence.

He laughed then dipped his head. Backing me into the wall, he took my mouth with his, the kiss quickly moving from lazy to re-alarm hot as his tongue found mine and we dueled for dominance.

I was gasping when he pulled back—he’d stolen my breath. He smirked down at me, and damn it if his arrogance wasn’t sexy as hell.

“Seems to me you’re happy I did worry.” Smugness dripped from his every word. I glared, but who was I to argue when I was still soaking wet from his touch?

“Now what?” With damp palms, I straightened the skirt of my dress, then shifted uncomfortably. My panties were soaked, likely stretched to hell.

I was surprised when, instead of some cocky remark, he trailed one finger over my cheekbone and across my jaw. Bending so he could reach my lips—God, but he was just big—he kissed me again, but this time the embrace was gentle.

Gentle until he grabbed me around the back and under my knees—I yelped with surprise as he scooped me off my feet again. “Now it’s time for round two.”

“You make a habit of manhandling me.” My pulse accelerated a bit as he cradled me against his chest. I didn’t really go in for romance—hearts and flowers and such—but I didn’t know a woman in existence who wouldn’t appreciate being cradled against a rock-hard chest like this.
He just grinned as he pushed through the door next to where he’d just gotten me off. God, that smile—it hinted at something more, at a person I wanted to get to know, never mind the sex.

I’d have to think about that later. Right now, I couldn’t think at all.

As I’d thought, the door led to the lobby of the motel. I buried my face against him as he strode across the small space—if anyone I knew was there, I didn’t want to deal with it until tomorrow.

He headed down the hall toward my room, and when he held his hand out for the key, I ran my tongue over my lips, silently repeating my question. Now what?

“I like to manhandle you. And when I’m done, you’re going to thank me for it.”

About Lauren Hawkeye

Lauren Hawkeye/ Lauren Jameson never imagined that she’d wind up telling stories for a living… though when she looks back, it’s easy to see that she’s the only one who is surprised. Always “the kid who read all the time”, Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she’d finished a book… and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally. No, really. But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.

Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled. In her nonexistent spare time Lauren can be found knitting (her husband claims that her snobby yarn collection is exorbitant), reading anything she can get her hands on, or sweating her way through spin class. She loves to hear from her readers!

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