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One you Can't forget by Lexi Timms Blog Tour & Review

Blog Tour:
One You Can't Forget:
Motorcycle Club Romance
(Hade's Spawn Motorcycle Club Series Book 1) 
Lexy Timms

Sept 21st - Sept 28th

From Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a motorcycle club romance that'll make buy a Harley and fall in love all over again. 

Emily Rose Dougherty is a good Catholic girl from mythical Walkerville, CT. She had somehow managed to get herself into a heap trouble with the law, all because an ex-boyfriend has decided to make things difficult. 

Luke “Spade” Wade owns a Motorcycle repair shop and is the Road Caption for Hade’s Spawn MC. He’s shocked when he reads in the paper that his old high school flame has been arrested. She’s always been the one he couldn’t forget. 

Will destiny let them find each other again? Or what happens in the past, best left for the history books? 

Kim's Review
 4 Stars 

Emily Rose Dougherty grew up as a good catholic girl but had a taste for the bad boys.  When she manages to get herself in trouble with the law, the last person she expected to see was Luke “Spade” Wade, Road Captain of Hade’s Spawn MC and her old high school boyfriend.  Are some things are better left in the past?

I was given this in exchange for an honest review.

Emily has always tried to please her parents.  She did what they asked of her but fall for the right type of guy.  After an accident one night her parents felt they needed to put distance between her and her boyfriend Luke.
Luke is proud to be a member of Hades Spawn and loves being their Road Captain.  Emily, his high school sweetheart was the only girl who ever got to him.  After the accident that left him hospitalized and took Emily away from him he hasn’t been the same. Ten years later Luke discovers that Emily is closer than ever but what he finds isn’t what he wanted.

This is the first book in the Hade’s Spawn MC trilogy and the first book I’ve read by Lexy.  Emily is a character who frustrated me.  She does seem like she knows what she truly wants.  The fact that she let her parents decide that she should be with Luke and sent her away just show’s she has some more growing up to do. She’s the kind of girl who wants to make everyone happy and forgets about what makes herself happy.  Luke is not like most bikers you read about.  He has a job and does his best to stay out of trouble but he has a wicked side when it comes to Emily.  He lives his life the way he wants but he’s always guarding his heart. These two have undeniable chemistry that pulls you.  Unfortunately the past hasn’t changed Emily as Luke decides to go for who owns his heart. Since this is a trilogy we are left with a cliff hanger which has me I looking forward to reading the second book and hopes that Emily will finally step out from under her parent’s wing.

I'm a dreamer, a big romantic dreamer who pulled up her jeans and sat down to put the story I had in my head to paper. Thus SAVING FOREVER was born... and shortly after THE UNIVERSITY OF GATICA series. My Historical Romance series, HEART OF THE BATTLE SERIES has just released and I'm currently working on a Billionaire series that'll steal your heart - BOSSES.

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