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Ready for Flynn Series Blog Tour


Today we have the blog tour for Ready for Flynn by K.L. Shandwhick! 
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Ready for Flynn Synopsis

At fifteen years old, Valerie Darsin, was loved and cherished by her brothers and boyfriend. Her small town world was happy and secure until a sudden betrayal forced her to flee. Returning home, Valerie found support in Flynn Docherty-a guy who left her with unfamiliar feelings when he disappeared from her life.

Valerie learned to move on, until a life-changing event brought Flynn back, but was she ready?

Has she ever been Ready For Flynn?

(A contemporary rock star romance)


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Ready For Flynn, Part 1 
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Ready For Flynn, Part 3
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“O.M.G. You’re here!” she said, smoothing her shaking hands down the thighs of her jeans. “Francine, Jacob’s mom. Oh. My. God. You’re Flynn Docherty,” she shrieked, and gave another squeal before trying to compose herself. “I can’t believe you’re standing there. Oh. My. God, this is your house,” she said, as she stared in disbelief while gesturing me to shake hands with her.

I turned to see Valerie roll her eyes and chew on the side of her lip, and I smiled, feeling a little embarrassed at the woman’s reaction.

“Is it really you?” she continued holding her hands out in front of her as if to say, “Whoa.”

I patted myself down and smiled, “Yup, it’s me,” I said with a hint of humor.

Without warning, she flung herself up at me and wrapped her arms and legs around me like a baby koala bear. “Oh God, you are so beautiful, I love your music, I love you, I love you, I—”

“Love you,” Valerie’s voice interjected. She looked at me with the woman hanging off my body and rolled her eyes again, “I think you have the wrong guy, God’s much better looking than him, and the way he acts he’s more of a devil than a God. Aren’t you, honey?” Valerie droned in a tired tone playing the part of someone who’d heard it all before.

“Valerie Darsin, your God’s girlfriend, pleased to meet you,” Valerie said, without a hint of sarcasm.

Jacob’s mom dropped from my body like she’d been struck with sudden paralysis and stood staring at Valerie with her mouth open.

“Oh. God,” she said, staring in disbelief this time at Valerie.

“No, I’m not God either,” Val said and turned away as a fit of giggles took over. Niamh walked out of the house having missed the whole awkward interaction that had just occurred, and smiled at Francine.

“Thank you for doing this, Francine. I’m sure Teague’s got enough in his bag for a week,” she chuckled, then stopped and looked at us all standing silently. “Did I miss something?” she asked when she picked up the weird vibe.

The woman’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she shook her head. “Sorry, I guess I had a moment of insanity there. So Teague’s all set?” she said like someone had pressed an invisible reset button.

By this time, Kayden had come to the door to see what was going on and noted straight away that I was biting back my own fit of laughter. “What’s up?” he asked.

“This is Jacob’s mom who is taking Teague for tonight, and I think it’s safe to say by the way she was stuck to Flynn, she’s a fan of his…music,” Val drawled to her brother. Niamh’s mouth dropped open as her head snapped in the direction of her friend. She was about to say something, but Teague interrupted when he came struggling through the door with his overnight bag, his school backpack and a sleeping bag. “Bye Mom, see you after school tomorrow.”

Just as the music finished I noticed that Flynn had just gone into the restroom, and the girls were hovering near the door, so I headed over in the direction of the ladies room. As I got nearer, one pushed the door open and called out, “If you need a hand in there Flynn I could come and hold it for you.”

“I’m sure you could,” I said in a voice that was laced with sarcasm.

“Oh, feeling threatened are we?” she said eyeing me up and down.

“Not in the least, what my man does for a living and who he is in his personal life are very different. Flynn loves his fans, but not between the sheets, ladies.”

“You’re sure about that?” One of the other girls said while dragging her gaze from my feet to challenge me square in the eyes.

“I am.”

“No doubts at all?”

“Absolutely none. Off stage he’s mine,” I said, with conviction.

“I bet if I walked in there right now and dropped to my knees he’d let me blow him.”

I scoffed at her and drew my head back in disbelief at her brazen attitude, “Be my guest,” I said, nodding in the direction of the door.

Without a thought, she turned and slapped her palms on the men’s restroom door and pushed it open. Wandering inside I watched her kick it closed, and it slammed loudly behind her.

I looked over at her friends who wore nasty smirks on their faces and at that point I wanted to wipe those off with a hard slap. I didn’t.  I’d never have shown my true feelings to them. Instead, I stood calmly waiting for the dust to settle, and waited to see how Flynn handled the situation. Not because I didn’t trust him, but because I couldn’t wait to see their reaction once she was rejected.

Seconds later Flynn flung the door wide and shoved the struggling girl back toward her friends by her forearm, “I tried to let you down gently, but you wouldn’t take the hint, darlin’, I’m not in the least bit interested so why do you insist on being so persistent?” He gave them a dark scowl and shook his head. “You all know I’m taken, that Valerie’s mine, and this is a family occasion. Have some self-respect for Christ’s sake, and if you can’t do that think about Amber,” he said, as he let go of her arm. Stormy dark eyes gave them an angry glare then he glanced over at me.

I could see he was worried about what I thought when I’d seen him leave the restroom with her.  Without hesitating, I stepped closer and placed my hand on his chest. He was tense. I gave him a look of adoration, smiled and shook my head. His body sagged with relief and he exhaled sharply,

“Sorry, baby, I did try to tell her not to go there, but she was insistent you’d want her to blow you. So…I kind of egged her on and told her to be my guest.”

Flynn wrapped his arm around my waist. With his other hand he stroked the back of his fingers up my cheek in a tender gesture, “Were you testing me, Valerie?” he said in a playful tone, while his mouth curved into his beautiful sexy smile.



About K.L. Shandwick

Writing came relatively later in life for K.L. Shandwick after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy. She loves creating new characters and story lines. Her characters have flaws and she hopes this helps the connection between them and her readers. K.L. enjoys the journeys they take her on during the creation of her stories, and each character has his or her own voice. She doesn't use prepared outlines for her stories preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses. These days K.L. lives in the Yorkshire countryside in the UK, and writes full-time.


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