Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Love Called Simon by Sandi Lynn Blog Tour


No more men.

No more rich men.

That was what I vowed when I left New York and moved to Seattle until I met Simon Young, CEO of Young International, one of the largest luxury hotel chains in the world. He desired me and I let him. I was fully aware of his love for women and his hatred for relationships but I decided to play his game. I had a void that needed to be fulfilled and Simon Young was the man who could do it. Entering into a physical relationship only was the plan. No strings and no emotions allowed. But plans are made to be changed and rules are meant to be broken. We grew closer and I was falling in love, but Simon had a secret. A secret that would destroy everything. He was about to lose me and I was willing to walk away.

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How many times did you have sex in Vegas?she asked. Why are you hesitating to answer my question? You did have sex, right?

No,I replied as I looked away from the computer.

WHAT! WHO GOES TO VEGAS WITH THEIR BOYFRIEND AND DOESNT HAVE SEX?!she yelled with her hands flying around.

He was drunk most of the time or out all night with his friends.

While you sat in the hotel room by yourself?she asked with a frown. Wake up, Gabby. I cant stand to see you being treated like that anymore. For fucks sake. I know damn well he had sex with other women in Vegas or at least with his boy toys.

He would never cheat on me.

UGH, Gabby!she exclaimed as she shook her computer screen.

I have to go, G. I need to figure out what to make for dinner before Brendon gets home.
Well, whatever you make, I hope he chokes on it.

I rolled my eyes. Ill talk to you later.

I got up from my chair and took some chicken from the freezer. I scoured my produce drawer and had enough vegetables to make a stir-fry.

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Sandi Lynn, A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, spends her days writing full-time to provide her readers romance novels that will whisk them away to another world. She has a severe coffee addiction and can usually be found hanging out at the local Starbucks with her laptop, sipping lattes, and writing her books.

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