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Feature Tour: Lucy & Harris by Terri Anne Browning

Lucy & Harris Series

Catching Lucy (Lucy & Harris #1)


So yeah, my dad is a rock star; hes the drummer for Demons Wings. Big whoop. Honestly, the fame that comes with having a famous dad is not all that you think it might be. It sucks. You have no privacy. Oh yeah, and dont let me forget about the lunatics that want to do who knows what to you just to get famous. When I leave the house every morning I feel like my life isnt my own. Between the paparazzi, the fans, my bodyguard, and everything else I feel like Im part of the freak show in the circus most days.

It wasnt always like this, though. I didnt always feel like this. Once upon a time I had a best friend who helped me deal with this life that we both belonged to.

So yeah, my dad is a rock star; hes the drummer for OtherWorld. And Lucy was and always will be the only girl to ever know the real me. She was my best friend, my voice of reason. My SANITY. Maybe she outgrew me. But I will never outgrow her. Its been years since Ive seen her, and I miss her so damn bad. All I want is a chance to get back what weve lost, to have my best friend in my life again.

I wasnt counting on how grown up my friend might have gotten, how beautiful she is now. The more time I spend with this new Lucy, I have to wonder if I really want that old friendship backor if I want much, much more.

Craving Lucy (Lucy & Harris #2)


One kiss can change everything

I wished Id known that before Id kissed my best friend.

Things are different now. We cant go back. Im not even sure I want to go back. I guess the question is….

What happens now?

Rocking Kin (Lucy & Harris, #3) 


From USA Today bestselling author Terri Anne Browning.

With one promise her life was changed

Saying goodbye to my mother also meant saying goodbye to my life in Virginia. After reluctantly making a promise to my mom, I was California bound with the father who I havent seen since I was four years old. I was miserable living under the same roof as my step-monster and the two step-bitches from hell. My only saving grace? Lucy Thornton, daughter to Demons Wings drummer, Jesse Thornton. Without her friendshipand her odd rocker family taking me in as one of their ownI was sure I would have lost my mind after the first week.

A blast from her past

I never thought I would see Jace St. Charles again. Honestly, after the way hed broken my heart, I would have been just fine without having to see his face for the rest of my life. With Lucys close friendship with Harris Cutter, owner of the hottest new club in SoCal and Jaces new boss, I was forced to see that damn face often. Forced to see the way every girl seemed to trip over themselves to get close to him.

A second chance?

Being tossed into one situation after another with Jace made it hard to fight the fact that I wasnt as immune to him as I wanted to be. But, damn it, I was only human and he was hell bent on winning me back. 

Un-Shattering Lucy (Lucy & Harris #4)
The conclusion to USA Today Terri Anne Browning’s The Lucy & Harris Novella Series.


That was how Lucy Thornton felt in the aftermath of her breakup with Harris Cutter. Her family thought the best thing for her to do was to put the length of the country between her and Harris.

Reluctantly, she went.

The second Harris sets eyes on Lucy again, he knows she hasn’t moved on any more than he has. Realizing that he screwed up, he sets out to prove that they belong together. But the road to un-shattering Lucy is longer and darker than he ever could have imagined.


Id spent most of my life dreaming about going to Georgetown, but now it felt like it was going to be my prison. Id made the choice not to accept the early entrance spot they had offered in their English program. I had been set to start UCLA in the fall. I didnt want to move across the country when everything I neededeveryone I neededwas right there in California.

All those plans had gone to hell when Tessa Conway had turned my lifeour lifeupside down.

She hadnt just destroyed my plans. Shed obliterated my future with Harris as well. Shed taken everything from me when she had nearly killed Harris by drugging him. I was still unable to get the videos she had sent to my phone out of my head, was haunted by every groan and sigh that had left Harris while hed done things with her that Id been aching for from him.

None of that had mattered, however, the second that Harris had thrown me out of his hospital room. Having him toss me out had been the kick to the chest that had made me realize that no matter what had happened with Tessa, I wanted to fight for him.

Fight for us.

That he didnt want to fight for us had hurt more than seeing those fucking videos. That he hadnt even tried was slowly killing me.

With my hair dripping into my face and my lips trembling, I blindly reached for the doorbell. I heard the footsteps on the other side, waited while someone looked through the peephole and paused. Several long moments passed and I wrapped my arms around myself in an attempt to keep from falling apart right there on the Cutters front steps.

Id snuck out of the house when I couldnt get Harris to answer his phone or anyone else to pick up on the landline. I couldnt leave that night without at least talking to Harris first. I couldnt just walk away without trying, damn it.

Finally, the door opened and Natalie Cutter looked down at me with a mixture of concern, pity and determination darkening her blue-gray eyes. I sucked in a deep breath, watched as the air misted with my exhale and met her gaze with my own determination. I need to see him, Nat. She opened her mouth and I knew she was going to turn me away. I reached for her hand, held on like my life depended on itbecause it fucking didand whispered the only word I could. Please.

She jerked like I had slapped her and carefully pulled her hand free. Instead of pushing me away like I had feared, her arm wrapped around me and gently pulled me inside her home. Youre soaked, Lu, Natalie gently scolded as she pulled me into the living room. Dev, bring me a towel, she called.

Be right there, baby.


Terri Anne Browning is the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Rocker...Series. She started writing her own novellas at the age of sixteen, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more readers and a lot more passion for writing. Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on best selling lists multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker... series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon's Wings. The Rocker... Series has since expanded to OtherWorld with Axton Cage and his band members. Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel's Halo MC Series as well as The Lucy & Harris Novella Series. Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons---err, children--and a loveable Olde English Bulldog named Link.


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